Aquasol – Swimming Pool Test Kit



The first thought that comes to mind when we think of safety in swimming pools is drowning, slipping and falling, etc.

But do we really know that the most probable hazard is contamination by germs, viz. bacteria. Therefore the likelihood of us falling prey to these sicknesses is much more than that of drowning, etc. Bacteria spread through people, who have diarrhoea and as the pool is shared by many swimmers, it can be very easily be contaminated. Even best maintained swimming pools can spread illnesses due to these microscopic predators, the bacteria. Therefore to ensure a disease free swimming experience, regular disinfection of the water is essential.

Generally, Chlorine is the disinfectant of choice and a residual has to be maintained to ensure complete disinfection as well as residual protection. Now for Chlorine to be effective, the pH (Hydrogen Ion Concentration) of the water should preferably be between pH 6.5 to 7.5. Water below pH 6 or above pH 8 could be uncomfortable for skin.

Now to be doubly sure that the chlorine dose is effective, monitoring of harmful bacteria content is essential. However, detection of these unseen predators is always a tedious and time consuming task, in a laboratory, by the conventional methods of microbiology. Now our AQUASOL Swimming Pool Test Kit helps in testing pH, Chorine & Bacteria by anyone, anywhere in a matter of a few minutes. Our ready to use kits helps to monitor the levels of Chlorine & pH on daily basis as well as has tests for harmful disease causing bacteria.


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